?Iphone 8 Plus Case Haul Summer 2018 + Giveaway? | Maureen Scott?

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Hi guys, OMG I have to stay up late for this. So, I uploaded this video a few hours ago and I realized that the whole video was not saved properly so, I had to turn it down. Apologies for any inconvenience. But here it is again, the Iphone 8 Plus Case Haul for Summer 2018. I hope you guys enjoy. I love you XOXO.

PS: Let me know what you think about the giveaway.

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  1. I'm late tho but I'll say this I would love to win this iPhone 8 plus because I dont have an iPhone and I always wanted an iPhone since I was little but instead they bought me a Samsung Galaxy and I want an iPhone 8 plus because almost everyone in my school has an iPhone and my friends keep bragging that they have an iPhone and I'm always sad whenever they bragging 🙁 I've wanted an iPhone 8 plus my whole life I've wanted an iPhone 8 plus my whole life if I win it will be a miracle and cry I've never had an iPhone 8 plus before or any iPhones I hope I win I've never win a giveaway as well I want the iPhone 8 plus but it's your choice that you can make if I did not win I'll be sad but happy for the person that wins and I'll just look for another giveaway to win but I never will 🙁 ???

  2. You are so picky like bitch stop being so picky some people out there would love to have those cases that are poor and you are being a Rich spoiled bitch bragger and saying eww