🔓How to Bypass Google FRP lock on Pixel. Pixel 2, Pixel XL (8.1.0 MARCH UPDATE)🔒

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🔓How to Bypass Google FRP lock on Pixel. Pixel 2, Pixel XL (8.1.0 MARCH UPDATE)🔓

The only APKs you need to get this working are these :

🔸Google Account Manager version 6:
🔸Sidebar APK:
🔸Custom Launcher APK:
🔸Quick shortcut maker APK:

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  1. i saw many videos couldnt find the solution .. it works fine … but when i complete all those step when i restart it doesnt start … after attempting 2 times its says wipe data .. it doesnt start

  2. This did work for me but I still have a couple questions. 1. Can I uninstall those 5 files after I am done? 2. Is it a good or bad idea to upgrade the google account manager after I am done? 3. If I remove my google account from setings>users & accounts> such that there are no accounts, is it safe and/or advisable to do another factory reset? Or will the FRP kick back in? 4. What is the reason for turning on the developer mode. It still doesn't let me turn on OEM unlocking

  3. wow this is the dumbest video i have seen yet you cutaway at the most critical moments of knowing what to do. you cant simply install gam6 without coding to disable the current google account manager.

  4. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working on the Pixel 2. I have an ex-employee's Pixel 2 (he quit way before the March update at least) and turning off the talkback doesn't work with volume up/down and clicking on share inside the YouTube video seems to not bring anything up at all, almost like it's been disabled. Unless it's talkback getting in my way haha

  5. you had me worried there for a second Sam with that Apple logo 🤣. Good video this is interesting, had this problem with a Samsung device i was fixing for someone. I finally figured it out.