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Are you looking for some cool tips and apps for your Nvidia Shield or Xiaomi Mi boxr? Then this is the video for you. All of the apps mentioned here can be found on my website.
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  1. Why am I unable to download anything on the TechDoctor page? Let alone install anything.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    When I click the link to say "DNLA channels", the next page opens, when I click the green download button, it just says "Download is not supported on this device yet."…😓

    Could anybody help? Or is this purely due to updates ok the Mi Box S that have patched these downloads?

  2. I try and download from the mi box s while I'm online and it says google has blocked downloads. I have allowed unknown downloads already and even when I'm on puffin tv dont work on my box. Help

  3. Many thanks for this videoI have Xiaomi s boxI can download apps using your technique but still will not allow me to install themanything that I am missingYour help is greatly appreciatedThanksEssy

  4. How can I add mouse option in my mi box s. I tried with mouse toggler. But when am pressing volume minus and plus button in my Mi box s remote it's not coming the mouse pointer on the tv screen. Can you please help me ..