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1 Month with the iPhone X – I’ve been using the new Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) since it launched. Now we’re past the launch hype – is it any good, is it worth £999, and should you buy it? iPhone X US: | iPhone X UK:
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  1. Kind of random question I'm not an iPhone user but I noticed none of your apps are in alphabetical order is that just how the iPhone is

  2. Apple is lying to their costumers. On apple's website it says 5 days delivery. It is total BS. I ordered IPhone X weeks ago. They sent me a text me last week said the delivery date would be Dec 1st, so I have people waiting at home to receive it. It is Dec 6th now, my IPhone X has not arrived yet. I contacted Apple, UPS 2 days ago, I was wasting my time . There is still no updates. If they cannot delivery it within the promised time, they should change info on the websit. If Apple can lying to people like this, who knows what else they are lying about. They raised the price because they can. They also cheat because they can. I ordered 3 expensive products from Amazon last Sunday, it is here today. What a difference.

  3. Hmmm. Am I the only one who wouldn’t use Face ID and still buy the X? I think I’d set it where it has to be enabled for purchases and stuff that’s about it

  4. I love the Face ID unlock system ! 🙂 makes it smoother to get in your iPhone
    I love it ! And I live the new gesture, even though it was a bit of a struggle at the beginning haha
    The battery is better than my 6S..! Just find it a bit slow to charge though

  5. My wife has the X and I have the 8 Plus (she always gets the better phone) and I must say that I really love my 8 Plus but still a lil jelly she has the X. With the most recent update of iOS 11 it's better than when I first got it.

  6. Price is outrageous! Even if the quality improved! How much will cost oncoming generations? Couple more years and will be over 2000£? If we buy today extras and top spec can cost over 1400£?

  7. Why would anyone want to buy this junk? You would really have to a fucking iDumbass. Could you imagine the dumb people trying to use this thing LOL

  8. I watched this video on my iPhone X. My daughter convinced me to get this phone over the iPhone 8+. I think it was good advice! I love love love the facial recognition! I find that I rarely have to use the passcode.

  9. is it worth switching from a oneplus 3? i can get one fairly cheap thanks to some cheeky discounts and was wondering if its worth the switch from android