#1 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 TIPS & TRICKS, Hidden Features! [MUST WATCH]

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GALAXY S7 Hidden Tricks!
The most interesting hidden features of the new Galaxy Note5 you don’t know about!
Gadgets Portal presents Samsung Galaxy Note 5 advanced Tips and Tricks tutorial video review series and this is the very 1st episode.

In this part, I have shown you some super awesome features and hidden tricks on the ‘Messaging’ app and the ‘Dial pad’ of the Galaxy Note 5. You will definitely find this video as interesting as before.

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  1. Tried S Voice, keeps saying could not find any contacts in address book. I have 24 contacts. Is the address book a separate app and how do I get it?

  2. Dear Sukesh (Gadgets Portal), is it possible for a person not using the Samsung Enhanced messaging service, to send original size videos using this simple sharing technology, to a person who uses the Enhanced messaging service? It would be great if you can briefly explain.
    Your videos are excellent. Do come up with more and more similar useful videos.


  3. Hi, @Gadgets Portal Pressing volume down and home key (@ 2:33) does not work for me :(. Can you please suggest any other way to get those capacitive keys not work while writing? and my phone model is Samsung Note 5 Dual SM-N9208

  4. I hate when you first turn on the phone to the home screen & the clock date & time is on it cause it blocks the wallpaper you apply! Can you get rid of that somehow????????

  5. |\
     / ̄\ ヽ
    /   ヽ |_
     ̄\     \
    / ̄ /|/| /レ、 ヽ_
     ̄\ Yヘ |/ヘ幺 ∠
     <_|(・ ・) 6) /
      (゙ _  /<
       >、ーイ ̄ ̄
      /厂ヽ/ ̄/\
      ( |  (亀)( )
       /〈/L〉 ヽ
       | ヽ  |
      〈_/ \_〉
      / )  ( \
       ̄ ̄    ̄ ̄

  6. I own a Note 4 and a Note 5. Somehow since the first time i put my Note 4 in my hands it has been my favorite, to me, it has his own look different from any other phone, while the Note 5 looks like others Galaxy phone.
    What do you think about downloading the 7.1 version in the Note 4??? Thank you.

  7. do you need to apply much pressure for s pen to be recognised by the phone or our is feather smooth? note 3 and neo versions had much pressure requirement which was cumbersome

  8. Thanks Mr Sukesh, i have bought Note 5 few month before, i have learn so much from your videos, this is very helpful, thank you very much, i subscribe !