1 year later – Did the Huawei ban work?

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The Huawei ban was announced over a year ago. Did it work? – The Story Behind – ep. 68



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  1. I just bought 2 Huawei phones, I own nothing with made in usa on it. The bullies are interfering with progress and innovation don't support them.

  2. Man kinds are on the way to Mars. I do not think that anyone can hold any absolute "monopolise" over some specific tech nowadays. Given money, motivation, and persistency, it is a matter of "how long it takes" to get there.

  3. My hero and the real freedom beacon Snowden ✨🎊👍 still under the CIA's global manhunt for his courage of speaking up and expose the years of eavesdropping and spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's and others. Now you are expecting me to believe the CIA?

  4. I can really see comments that you can install Google services on banned huawei phones, unfortunately you cant, well at first it will work at first but eventually it will annoy you so much that you want to factory reset you phone (there's a bug on the google services that will make the notification go haywire). still you can install on some banned huawei phone with custom rom like lineageos and luckily after that you can now use google services on that rom, but that requires unlocking bootrom, and right now, their unlocking bootrom request is currently terminated so you cant do it right now, this is probably to force users to use the huawei ecosystem rather than giving them a choice.

  5. If Huawei were based in an average western nation, it wouldn't survive after the ban. However, Chinese are very patriotic, and their government has a tendency to subsidize its companies (domestic and foreign; just look at Tesla and the things it got) a lot more than other governments would be willing to do. And it's the second part that makes people think they have ties with the CCP, even when there are none. Jealousy, perhaps. Or it is simply because they are brainwashed.

  6. 7:09 Google is HUGE in Russia. Sure, more than a half of Russians use Yandex on their PCs, but when it comes to phones (Android, especially) I couldn't imagine ANYONE using Yandex's Search. The app is just slow on most phones. Everyone I know uses Google instead. What is more, YouTube is probably the 3rd most popular social media here (after VK and Instagram). Google Assistant also has a great user base. Additionally, everyone uses WhatsApp that also doesn't work properly without Google Play Services (aka GMS). So, nobody is interested in such phones, everyone buys Galaxy and iPhones. And sometimes Xiaomi, cause it's cheap.

  7. the problems are easier solved than you might think

    1. GMS – China can just ban GMS on any phones sold in China. this will force app makers, including McDonalds, Walmart and game companies to customize their apps to work on HMS. HMS can also undercut the competition because Google charges exorbitant fees on their app store.

    2. IC Chips – Huawei has redesigned their chips to work on 14nm production, which SMIC does currently produce. and SMIC is launching 7nm in 2021. for rest of 2020, Huawei is using their inventory of existing IC's from TSMC.

  8. THIS is the main reason why samsung has its own alternatives to everything google provides. They have their own app store own gallery own services network in their phones. They provide and maintain an alternative to every single thing. Heavily reworking the android system is a part of it too.

  9. I love how all the China haters and Trump supporters are hiding inside the top comment threads – it's almost as if they're scared to speak their side knowing that it's absurd

  10. I donno man, I'm watching this from Romania, on my brand new Nova 5T. Than I will check Facebook & go to sleep. So what's this 1500 dollars for High End Processors & 16 gb RAM ? For what ? Huawei offers it's clients MORE THAN ENOUGH computing powerphotos & features for 99.998 % of users at a fair price. Nobody can tell me specificly how Tik Tok spyes on me and how that affects me in Romania, so….I donno. I say that buying the latest and gratest phones from all the manufacturers is just show off & stupid marketing for people with no real headings in life. I wish we had 5G from who the fuck cares as users.

  11. With the time what I understand is this is pure politics . Of USA says Huawei is dangerous and Huawei proved they are not. So what's the point. I have never seen USA working against a private company that is much

  12. USA really want to wake the giant up

    some note here. china lose this huawei battle for now
    CCP pour 300 billion usd to "made in china 2025". aerospace, IT, robotic, power, railway, medic etc.

    US keep them motivated lol

  13. My thought is that, Huawei is unlikely to die because of these bans, because networking equipment probably don't need absolute top of the line chips, and they do got to secure themselves some "free money" for the next 10 years. And it's unlikely they will literally be unable to get chips for their phones, Qualcomm seems to be willing to do business with them. And they now also seems to focus more on the software side. In which case, we know that Google offers a kit, so does Microsoft and Apple, but those just aren't without flaws. Huawei might bring something new, and if it does make sense they would at least secure some enterprise market, and that market is kinda more important than regular consumer market i think.