10 basic tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

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From setting up the home screen to fit your needs and employing tools like one-handed mode, to optimizing your device and embellishing it with various themes.

1. Everything to know about screenshots – 0:29
2. Accessing and managing the app drawer – 01:33
3. Configuring the on-screen navigation keys – 02:34
4. Get familiar with the camera shortcut button – 03:11
5. Choosing the most convenient unlocking method – 03:42
6. How to start Bixby and Google Assistant – 04:26
7. One-handed mode – 05:24
8. Device maintenance is your friend – 06:11
9. Search the smart way – 06:43
10. Easily customize your phone with Themes – 07:11

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  1. most of these are for the new Touchwiz not the s8. if u want to have the new Touchwiz, u can get it from sammobile.com if u have nougat. download It, clear data and cache of the current Touchwiz app from settings, and install the Touchwiz apk and Voila, u got it. I have it on my galaxy A7 2016 running nougat