10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games Of October 2017

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We look for the best in free mobile gaming every month so you don’t have to download anything terrible by mistake. Here are our picks for October.
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  1. oops forget to say XV: cant wait for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Android! i have to get a new phone for it to be compatible, but at last i can play it on PC when it comes out ! =D

  2. I think it would be nice if youd repeat the name before going on to the next in the list. Or just have a name bar at the bottom right. On your 'paid' videos, saying the current price would also be great. Regardles, I just found your page. New subscriber!

  3. Ok first off why is Pixel gun 3D not on here it goddamn epic I’m not saying your choice of games sucks but it’s literally everything you could want in a game



    Unique weapons and gamemodes?✔️




    Give it try you won’t regret it ?

  4. Look what a game I found on Google Play today!
    It's called "Airplane Hero" and is a very cool arcade game. Just search for it on Google Play 🙂
    It´s brand new and makes so much fun. My highscore is currently 54023. I think that´s pretty good already