10 best new Android games from January 2017

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The first month of 2017 is in the books and we’ve already seen some big releases. Here are the best new Android games from January 2017!

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FNAF: Sister Location –
Geometry Dash World –
Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever –
The Little Fox –
Mega Man 1-6 –
Ookujira –
RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic –
Star Wars: Force Arena –
The Walking Dead: Season Three –
WarFriends –

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  1. holy shit I thought it was just RCT1 not 2 holy shit 2 was godlike ^.^, if anyone has the PC to run it, you should get planet coaster, probably the best Park Sim available right now and getting even better with updates

  2. What I find interesting with Android gaming is what Nvidia has been able to do with the platform. There are a few titles ported by Nividia Lightspeed Studios designed specifically for their Shield products that are extremely well done and only prove that mobile gaming is certainly a viable option for hardcore gamers who don't have much to spend.

    For instance, Portal and Half-Life 2 on the Play Store are only $10 each. I own the Shield K1 tablet and they both run wonderfully.

    So with Nvidia on board for the foreseeable future, I can bet that mobile games will only evolve further (not to mention the Switch, which combines the home console and mobile experience, also designed by Nvidia from the ground up).

  3. I've got Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic and it's amazing!! A perfect port of a perfect game – I haven't had any issues with it and all of the features seem to be there. Also the in app purchases are ONLY to buy the classic expansion packs (wacky worlds and loopy landscapes), and so don't hinder the game play in any way! You can also purchase a custom scenario expansion which lets you create scenarios and share them. But aside from that, you get the entire game for your money, and really is fantastic.

  4. tsk,I want to see more android Games with higher Engine and FPS….More Online,More games like Modern combat,Or just Online games period….I wanna be competitive