10 best NEW Android games from July 2017!

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We’re nearing the end of July 2017. That means it’s time to round up the best NEW Android games that were released over the last month!

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All That Remains: Part 1 –
Arkanoid vs Space Invaders –
Crusaders of Light –
Fate/Grand Order –
Grand Prix Story 2 –
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 –
Oxenfree –
Pathos –
Run or Die –
Star Vikings Forever –

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  1. Thank you for watching everybody! This is new games, if you check out the YT channel, you can find the best new apps as well πŸ™‚

    If you have any questions or comments, lemme know!

  2. i feel like android games platoe around 2015 and nothing new or better has come since. only rehash of the same games with worse iap and maybe slightly better graphics..

  3. Hey my tutor made a game called hook runner can you check it out on the play store and if you like it give it a shout out

  4. hi, I am thinking of buying a new phone I've narrowed down my choices to these phones
    1.lg v20($369)
    2.oneplus 5($479)

    what is the best choice I prefer all metal unibody design that's why lg g6 and s8 are not my choices.

  5. They need to stop making just casual games and start making serious games, RockstarGames needs to not just only port console games but create original Android games and they need to make more Strategic games offline and online no pay to win, don't worry so much about great graphics,worry more about the Gameplay , For example a game like
    Battlefield 1942 would be nice on Android.