10 best new Android games from October 2017!

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It’s the spookiest time of the year and that means we’re hitting the end of October! While we’re at it, here are the best NEW Android games from October of 2017!

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Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story –
Batman: The Enemy Within –
Into the Dead 2 –
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mobile –
Night Run –
Pokemon Playhouse –
Stranger Things: The Game –
Taps –
Thimbleweed Park –
Wrecker’s Revenge –

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  1. Hi everybody, thanks for watching!

    So I'm getting the vibe that many aren't enjoying these videos as much as they did in the past (despite the quality and premise not changing at all since I started doing these back in 2015). So I'd like to ask everybody a question. What would they rather see if we took these monthly roundups away? Honest question 🙂 Thanks again for watching!

  2. Hi
    I am newbie app developer and I'll launch my first app for android in early 2018. Can you please promote my app on your YouTube channel and website please? PLEASE REPLY

  3. Why don't TellTale games sync game progress from one phone to another even after using a TTG account…?? And I had finished the first Batman games, while logged in. And yet, this second Batman game didn't pick up any of my choices from that. It asked me to pick This or That options to fill the background story.

    Into The Dead 2 is so much better than the 1. But, I hate the energy system. And in the daily challenge, it is almost impossible to kill 250 zombies.

  4. I really do worry about the way the market is going. It seems I'm a niche user and devs are making games for a different kind of gamer. These lists appear to get worse month to month.