10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of September 2017

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Love or hate mobile gaming, we’re always on the lookout for good quick stuff to play on the go. Here are our picks this month.
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The Knight Watch
Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99

Codex Of Victory
PRICE: $4.99

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked
PRICE: $3.99

Eight-Minute Empire
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $4.99

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $2.99

Through the Ages
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $9.99

The Witness
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $9.99

Platform: iOS
Price: $7.99

Thimbleweed Park
Platform: iOS, Android [October 10th]

Iron Marines
PRICE: $4.99


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  1. what i'm buying
    1. thimbleweed park
    2. through the ages
    i might get iron marines…… probably not so i just added it to my wishlist to come back later

    i really want to play morphite but i don't know is it's worth it.

    well gameranx you turned me from a pc gamer into a full fledged mobile gamer….
    fucking thank you…. it feels good and i have a couple of your mobile recommendations written down. easily hands down best people for recommending me android apps.

    thanks for reommending miracle merchant. i loved the demo so much i bought the full game and i was having a lot of fun. you guys should remake a special list every year of the most notable mobile games that really gripped you. again good jub on the mobile recommendations.