$10 DUPES?! Is Hush Makeup Coming for Huda Beauty, Nars, MAC?!

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Hush App is on iOS and Android, & you can use code BrittanyBalyn for 10% off!
Matte Long Lasting Lipgloss – Red Velvet –
Unicorn Glow Highlight Palette –
Candy Floss Brightening Face Powder –
Glitter (Pack of 6) –
Makeup Sponge –
8-Piece Moon Princess Brush Set –
Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette –

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Thank you Hush for partnering with me on this video.
I love finding some good inexpensive dupes! xx
All opinions, and dupe findings were done through some hardcore research, and lots of swatching!

P.S. If you’re reading this, Cody and I are starting up our vlog channel again!! NEW VIDEOS NEXT WEEK.


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  1. Oh my GOD I was distracted at the beginning of the video and wasn't listening quite as well as I should've… I thought you said 'matt gloss by Prolapse, in Red Velvet', I was all 'oh wow, daring name, I think I dig it' AHAHAH

  2. Yeeeeah, who doesn’t know this thing, with saying a word too often that it loses its meaning or just sounds ridiculous Hahahah loved that part ???

  3. Your makeup has been looking incredible lately, especially the skin! Could you do a tutorial on how you get that amazing glow on your skin? It looks perfect! 🙂

  4. I'm subscribed to your channel and I've hit the bell notification button and your videos never come up. What is going on? Anyone else having this problem?

  5. Brit we need some summa lookbooks please<3 miss them so much. Cause youre always so creative with the cinematography, the video aesthetic and the color- theme xx

  6. I’ve been subscribed for a long time. Definitely followed your hair colouring tutorials (lilac hair especially) back in the day!
    Love that you’re uploading frequently and love the content!

  7. You were the first YouTuber I subscribed to, like a bunch of years ago, back on that silvery-lilac hair tutorial and your singer roommate haha ? I feel like we're friends lol ?