10 Hidden iPhone Features You Should Be Using (2017)

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The iPhones and iPads pack in a ton of features, thanks to regular updates to iOS. However, there are some really cool hidden iPhone features that people aren’t very well known. We show you 10 hidden iPhone features that you should be using.

It was pointed out to us that the previous upload was blurry, so we are updating this, and, adding 3 extra features as well. Thanks for your feedback.

We are demonstrating this video on the Apple iPhone 6s running iOS 10.2.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Guided Access
2. Prioritize App Downloads
3. Exports Webpages to PDFs as Safari
4. Announce Caller Names
5. Use Custom Passcodes
6. Emergency SOS
7. Use Camera as Magnifier
8. Automatically Mark your Parking Location
9. Custom Vibration for Contacts
10. Hide Apps

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  1. Note: As pointed out by many of our viewers, the previously uploaded video on the same topic was blurry so we are uploading the updated video with three new tricks!

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