10 iPhone Camera Settings To Change Now

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David and David tell you about ten iPhone Camera settings you should change immediately. These settings will help you take better photos and videos as well as get more out of the iPhone camera!

0:23 Preserve Camera Mode Settings
1:02 Preserve Live Photo Settings
2:28 Turn On Camera Grid
2:56 Turn On Scan QR Codes
3:15 Choose Video Recording Quality
3:48 Choose Slo-Mo Video Recording Quality
4:12 Turn On High Efficiency Camera Capture
4:30 Turn On All Composition Settings
4:40 Turn On Smart HDR
4:47 Set Locations Settings For The Camera App

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  1. Great video David and David, I’m David as well and would love an answer to a question regarding the Camera please.
    I play guitar and sing, and what is really annoying is the guitar comes in first and sounds nice and clear, however when I start to sing (badly) the guitar sounds muffled until a section in the song where no singing takes place then clear again.
    Is there a setting to equalise or is this something I have to live with?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. to those with iphone 11/pro, if you leave on the Capture Outside the frame you will loose Deep Fusion functionality, also the photos will take more space.
    The High Efficiency Format is ok if you shoot and keep the pic as it is. if you apply any filter or edit it the format will change to jpg and the size of the pic will become larger

  3. This video is all wrong, the "high efficiency" format HEIF has worse quality than the "most compatible" one which is JPG, "high efficiency" takes less space for your pictures but to me it's better to get higher quality with the JPG format rather than saving a few mb. Also the setting you should turn off immediately is "Photo captured outside the frame", cause only when you turn it off the iPhone will use the "Deep Fusion" technology which improves photos a lot like the Google Camera does on Pixel phones

  4. As the actual "dummie" for anything tekkie, I have learned a lot from your channel. If you can give some insight into this problem – I have TWC app on iPhone 6 and iPad 4 but CANNOT get severe weather alerts. I have gone thru everything but even knowing there is a weather alert in my area, nothing comes thru from either device.

  5. I love these videos. I just bought an iPhone 11 and you guys really take the guess work out of what these features are and how to set things up. Awesome.

  6. Very good tips! I have a comment about the location, though. It’s a safety issue to turn off location when children have their own phones and sending or posting photos.
    Also, I have a 6s + don’t see a smart photo in the hdr setting. It just gives me a choice to save the normal in addition to the hdr photo. I’ve turned that off because it was saving 2 pics whenever I used hdr. Is the smart photo a setting for the iPhone 11 and what does it do – I need another reason to lust after the 11?. Keep up the great videos.

  7. Hi, Love your tips. Apropos of nothing, it there a reason Apple moved the on/off switch from the top to the side ? I have a phone phones in the side configuration and still find it irritating as it is almost too multi function and prone to intentional errors. The other thing, using the le spirit level, it's on the long side that should be completely flat. Maybe it's just me. Best, Mike

  8. The Live Photo is a fun thing to have but if I'm trying to upload a photo to a photo service to make an album or have some prints made I have to go through extra steps to narrow a Live Photo down to one and save. Live photos option is something I rarely use because of that.