10 iPhone Tips You Should Be Using, But Probably Aren’t

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I share with you ten iOS Tips that make your life easier and you probably should be using if you aren’t already.

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  1. On the magnifier, it's usually best to zoom in to where you want it, take the picture and then try to read it. Trying to read it while hand holding live is hard and the test jumps around everywhere.

  2. I cannot believe the page search feature is so hidden on iOS… I have always hated iOS for not making this functionality obvious and easily accessible on Safari (at the same time I was also lazy to google info on how to actually do it :/ ).

    Thanks for the video, this has been the single most useful thing that I learned about iOS in the past 3 years of being an iOS user and I'm not even joking.

  3. I wish we could set a password for any app like we can with the notes app… Specifically the photos app and messaging app…I think thqt feature would be more useful on those apps as opposed to the notes app

  4. I use text replacement to teach iOS to correctly spell certain words that Autocorrect never seems to get right. For instance, I try to type "earth" and instead type "waeth". After this happening several times I I cut "waeth" from my text, pasted it into the Shortcut field in Text Replacement, then typed "earth" in the Phrase field and hit Save. Now if I accidentally type "waeth", iOS knows I meant "earth".

  5. Excellent tips ! Apple keeps putting additional features in and it's kinda cool that you shown us how to make them useful. Maybe you can do a video on how to manage photos, create albums, put pictures in albums, use the new faces feature, etc. Thank you for the video. I loved the magnifier tip and using the camera as a magnifier was a great one as I don't have my reading glasses all the time with me, the quick converter. I knew about the text replacer feature. I stopped iOS from replacing some text with some words I was using that I meant to type with the autocorrect by entering using the replacement text feature you spoke. I loved clearing all notifications (past ones) with the press to touch.