10 New Android Games You Must Play (2016)

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Here’s a list of 10 New Android Games for 2016 (Feb) that you must play. Give it a try…
If you have any games or apps suggestions, feel free to leave your comments down below 🙂

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Games in this video :

(00:09)Score Hero:-

(00:35)Lost Echo:-

(02:17)Rogue Agent:-

(03:03)The End of the World:-



(08:32)Reckless Racing 3:

(09:18)Robin Hood: Give and Take:-

(11:25)Kill shot Bravo:-

(12:03)SnowBoard Party:-

(12:53)Gods of Rome:-

Music Used :
Phantom Sage – Crystal Clouds

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  1. Why are Smartphone games are allways so primitiv?? The Grafik ist cool meenwhile but the game play sucks on most games!! (sorry for my bad english)

  2. i really found these games boring….but thats just wt i truly feel…ur opinion can be totally diff n nothings wrong bout that……..so guys plz don't abuse anyone here…..