10+ Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

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In this video, we will take a look at 10+ Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a fantastic smartphone and is full of deep and rich features. So, let’s dive in and discover.

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  1. How can you view full screen videos on YouTube on the note 8. On the s8+ it gives you the option when you view a video from YouTube. But from the note 8 It doesn't show up that option.

  2. android messaging app doesn't have a notification sound for incoming messages when you're in the window with the person your texting with.

  3. So we all know we can stretch the video to fit the screen while we watch YouTube in landscape mode.But we have that floating icon . But now it's missing. Anyone know how to fix .?

  4. I'm an apple fan (WAS) for last 5 years but after apple taking out everything from their iPhones I got pissed and now I just bought a NOTE 8 like 40 mins ago and I'm already excited!!!!! 😀 there's like tons of options in Samsung than my iPhone has ?. #nevergoingback

  5. I'm not saying your videos are bad but you make a lot of mini mistakes, like how you said to pick up the list for your s pen you said to click the button on your phone instead of your pen

  6. I just got my phone last night and I was lost on how to do some things on it. I came across this video and learned so much, so thank you for your tips! I'll be watching for more.

  7. Thanks Saki for all the videos for the new Note8!! … I just got my new gold Note8 a few days ago and it's amazing!! … each of your videos are a great help to use my new phone the right and easy way. Thanks to your help I have been using my phone like professional!! … Thanks again! Eddie