10 Samsung Galaxy S8+ Tips, Tricks & Hidden features

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In this video, I will share 10 tips, tricks and hidden features for the Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ that will enchance the use of your Galaxy S8.

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  1. First, I would like to thank you for making these videos. I have bought a Samsung Galaxy s8, and I like to know how I can remove the clock, and notifications from showing on the lock screen. And also like to know how I can make the apps icons disappear from the home page.

  2. I'm trying to customize the navigation colours. I have followed your instructions but when I'm on it, it's just light colours. The symbol that looks like a rainbow I don't have. Can I get it? I have learnt so much from your video. Thank you

  3. Soo sad i don't have that phone, that's my favorite phone ever, if anyone here has a good heart please can you give me? Because that's my dream to have samsung s8 plus. I can't buy that phone because it is so expensive we're just poor. Please? Godbless you always.

  4. If you go to settings then to about phone then click on build number 7 times you should have access to something called developers mode which you can change a couple of cool things

  5. Thanks for the helpful tips. I just got the S8+ and I love it so far. I will definitely be utilizing the restart feature to make sure that my phone functions at its best. I did not do that with my S7 and I could definitely tell over time.

  6. These are not tips and tricks. Change the name of the video to "Normal features of Samsung Galaxy S8". There is nothing new here and the people that don't know these features don't deserve a smartphone like this.