10 Superb Tips & Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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In this video, I will share 10 Superb Tips and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that you need to know. These tips and tricks will further enhance the ownership of your Galaxy Note 8.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. Always great videos thank you so much! Question when I’m going to send a text message it usually pulls up the last couple contacts that I sent to. Is there anyway to have a set four or five people that always show up? Thank you

  2. Tthanks a lot for all your videos. I learn from you how to customize my proudly Note 8 the last time I used my S p enough to signe my documents .This phone is more than make call or text message..

  3. Great video as always.
    But I am forced to stick oneplus and go for 5t for the simple reason Samsung have made a major error with their two latest phones by putting the finger print sensor right by the camera. For me that is a deal breaker.

  4. Another tip…
    If you just take a Stress measurement, it tells you your Heart rate (bpm) & Oxygen blood saturation (SpO2) as well as your Stress level – all in one!
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    Best mobile phone/ device ever!

  5. Could anyone tell me if the Note 8 lags?
    I don't change my phones too often, maybe in every 4 years and I'm not sure which one to buy – iPhone 8+ or Note8.
    Someone help? 🙂

  6. My only problem with my note 8 = the finger print sensor .. even after almost a month of use I still constantly touch my camera lenses. Even with a dbrand skin and camera cover. And with the notr8 even the smallest smudges on the lens are very visible when taking pictures.

    Thankfully I mostly use faceunlock and sometimes trusted voice zwhich finally works now!* If you are using NOVA DISABLE the option that claims it allows you to use "ok, Google" as a hotword. It does the opposite and blocks voice unlock on the n8 (exynos)

  7. I kinda feel like watching saki tech vids is a waste.. who doesn't know this?
    Some tips
    1. Use the Samsung health widget. It shows your footstep count for the day and it it's a shortcut to Samsung health + a shortcut to the heart rate monitor. The same widget, app and sensor has been on Samsung phones for ever. Pretty sure even my n4 had this

    2. Why the hell would anyone do that? The home button from what I've seen is the only part about the AOD that is static so would cause burn-in! It also completely removed the point of AOD. You might as well press the power button. It's also not at all hard or confusing to press the home button without a visual que. PRO TIP AOD eats more battery on n8 compared to the s7edge from what I've noticed. But it's very handy for taking and pinning instant notes on the AOD. It's best just to pick a simple clock or better a custom PNG (e.g. I used to have Hal 2000 as my OAD). The stock "infinity wallpapers" have an amazing effect combined with OAD (doesn't work with custom pictures/png's) your OAD will have a blue hue and stars on the top of the screen that will animate when you turn the screen on. But I do NOT recommend having it on. It drains battery much more, because a far larger part of the screen is now on.

    3. Final tip, not all note 8 are created equal. My first n8 had a pink color shift /hue when the phone was held with even the smallest angle. I sent it back and got a new one. The old one barely made 3 to 4 hour SOT this one easily gets 5. The old one's light sensor did not properly work, this one works great. Etc.

    It's a sad truth but Samsung doesn't put as much effort in product quality testing compared to Apple. I love my n8 loved all my notes and Galaxy phones. But apple for example will hand calibrate every single screen. So there is very little chance you get a shot screen. This phone has the best screen ever but tens if not hundreds of thousands of N8 owners have inferior screens or phones with faulty parts / batteries but just convince them selves that it's supposed to be like that. I get it, sending a phone back is shit, esp when you just got the phone, but it's worth it.