10 Ways iOS 14 is Better than Android!

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10 Ways iOS 14 is Better than Android! Hello all and welcome to this video discussing 10 ways the Apple’s iOS 14 operating system has went past Google’s Android Operating system in 2020. The intentions of this video is to educated you on some of the new important changes that have come to the iPhone and iOS devices. If you believe that there are still improvements that need to be made and have reasons why Android still is the better OS please state those features below. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. 10 Ways iOS 14 is Better than Android! In this video we take a look at some of the reasons Pro Apple iOS 14! Share reasons why you think either iOS 14 or Android is the pick for you! Enjoy the video 🙂

  2. I like both OS' but to give iOS the points for picture in picture and widgets is just wrong. You can't even use youtube in PiP, even if you have premium which is trash and you can do a lot more cool things with widgets on Android. Super glad Apple finally added them though and I'm sure they'll get some more functionality as time goes on.

    Also, I really wish Apple had a system wide back gesture like Android. That'd be the best.

  3. Look, If you are only here to bash me for my personal opinion and freedom of speech please click off and ignore my comment.

    This is me mentioning why I prefer iOS and in extent Apple.

    iOS is basically what the ideal definition of the smartphone is. It's simple design is just easy to use you basically already know how to use it. With Android there's so many different fragmentations that if you switch from a Pixel to a galaxy s you'll have to relearn your phone. iOS is visually and physically appealing, the way how the emojis are universally noticeable or the haptic/ vibration you get when you refresh your twitter feed or like a YouTube video. Even how when you reach max volume on the button and you get a vibration. Or the simplicity of the mute switch on the side so you don't need to dig into settings.

    Now many might argue about the "Notch" at the top. It doesn't bother anyone, when watching a movie it simply blends in and it's certainly better than the "pinhole" in many androids today. Why do I say that? Well on Androids the pinhole is smaller but it's basically a hole in the phone display that's not functional on iPhone the software is built around the notch and it goes unnoticeable. Face ID is way better than in display fingerprint in my personal experience, Face ID is faster since you don't notice it it's a simple as picking up your phone. With fingerprint you have to hold your finger down on a specific part of the display for 3 seconds.

    Your apps on iPhone generally look better. Instead of the cluttered WhatsApp design on Android, the iOS design is simple and easily navigable. You get even better quality apps since on Androids developers spend most of their time developing for the screen variations. That's why you'll notice your favorite app updates on iOS first. And your Instagram photos and stories look sharp. And on iOS you aren't stuck with that Android Instagram Font.

    If you are a YouTuber and want to make high definition channel trailers that resemble Hollywood movies? You can using apple's built in iWork app iMovie. If you are a student you can use KeyNote to create incredible presentations.

    Now unto the ecosystem, the Apple ecosystem is one of a kind. Say your in the middle of class and you have to write down a word definition but don't want to keep copying and pasting from the web, you can simply copy the definition on your iPhone and it automatically downloads on your Mac. iMessage is incredible! you can use incredible stickers, play gams and more! iMessage isn't really significant outside of the US. But FaceTime is easily recognized as the "Video Calling" Platform. And countless times AirDrop has helped me in school when doing PowerPoints.

    Have you ever seen an image in a browser? and you want to save it? What do you do if you are on Android? Screenshot it of course! But on iOS it's as simple as holding down on the image and you'll see the option to "Save Image" it's super convenient!

    And of course privacy! iPhone has been recognized as being very private and transparent. Since it isn't open sourced, Apps can't damage the software like on Android, where apps can instantly start downloading other apps, start launching ads and more. Apps have to request your permission to track you, you can choose to share your approximate location so apps don't know exactly where you are. While all countries in the UN (United Nations) have Backdoors to access the info on your Android, Apple has suffered law suits for not having a backdoor so the government can't access iOS devices.The recording indicator to tell you when your mics are being used and finally the tracking blockers and reports. You can see who's been prevented from tracking you across the web. Alarmingly Google is the most prominent at attempting to track iOS users, what's to say they aren't violating the privacy of the people who use their System?

    PS: I DON'T HATE ANDROID. I generally think both OS's are equal. I just think iOS is simpler. Android isn't cheap or complicated and you are incredible if you use an Android device! it's your choice and money and I respect your opinion < 3

  4. I've never tried Apple because the phone just didn't have features I liked. Right now the only thing I am interested in is I message and FaceTime. But I'm not willing to give up split screen and pop ups, I use it so much.

  5. Well I’ve had iOS for a very long time now from the 6s+,7+, IPhone X, currently XR didn’t care to update to the 11. But I’m going back to android for a few years then I’ll go back to IPhone

  6. Nick you really need to stop being biased. 2 minutes into the video you're saying that iphone has picture in picture and widgets as if android doesnt have these features already and ios does it better

  7. I gotta say, As a long time iPhone user, it’s nice to get some Android inspired features with what feels like a better/unique implementation. That window of “freedom/customization” on Android is narrowing quite a bit with this update.