10 ways iPhones are better

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I’ve used both iPhone and Android – including the Google Pixel 3 – smart phones extensively and there’s still some things that iPhone (and iOS) do better. And don’t mention Windows or Amazon phones kthnxbai.

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  1. I use to be in the Apple ecosystem. Got tired of that after a couple of years. It is convenient, but I am bored with iOS.

  2. I can trade in my Samsung S5 to Verizon wireless for 30$. And I am not joking. I have had a Samsung S5 since 2014 and have decided to upgrade to the iPhone X 256gb phone.

  3. So accurate. I have been jumping between iPhones and OnePlus phones in the apartment years. Both of them are fine. Deposited being picky, I don't get why people get so worked up over this stuff.

    The new iPhones are amazing, but as you said, a bit too boring and expensive at the same time. Not a good combination.

  4. When I got my iphone 4 I kept it for years. I now have an s8 and I do not intend to replace it anytime soon but if I do than I will switch away from android

  5. I love my iPhone SE (as much as I can love an inanimate object). A decently fast li'l thing that doesn't ever get in the way form factor wise. The only thing I don't like about it is…. iOS.

  6. Apple is so successful that if they asked to claim their money from the US, They don't have as much money but the rate of revenue they get is faster than the US So they wouldn't be able to physically claim it

  7. Well Face ID is so much better now. I am greatly impressed in its improvement. I work in a clean room and it unlocks with my full clean room gown on. A++. I also bought the iPhone 10s for esim and no US vendor supports it.

  8. I just got a iPhone and I love it but I still think my Samsung was better in ways just like the iPhone is better in ways it all comes down to your personal preference