100+ iPhone X Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

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In this video, I will share 100+ tips, tricks and hidden features for your iPhone X. You paid a lot of money for the iPhone X so it is essential to master every aspect of your smartphone for maximum satisfaction.

So let’s dive in and discover tips, tricks and hidden features to enhance your iPhone X ownership.

iPhone X Camera Tutorial Starts at: 36:50

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  1. i feel like iPhone X is so "yesterday", had that phone for a month and bar none the worst device i have ever used, thank god for android, got my note 8 back and i can multitask again, i have a battery again, the screen is so vivid again and on and on…

  2. Great video, as a first time iphone user (traded in my note 8) it was a huge help, the pro camera app i got as well to have manual camera use. Great camers app, blows my old note 8 manual modes and my wifes lg v30 manual camera options away. Thanks for the video,

  3. Great tips!  I think you missed one (or I missed it).  While in Apps you can swipe right on the bar to go back to the latest App you were using and left to come back again.

  4. Thank you for this great video – you are a gifted instructor – Great presentation of this huge step forward in design, power and features.

  5. Thanks for the informative video. I like the Restriction mode feature which can stop others from intentionally or unintentionally, installing or uninstalling the apps. And also how any website can be put on Home screen like an app for immediate access. The keypad feature to move the cursor is pretty nice too. I love the gestures! Not a fan of the virtual Home button though can do without it as well.