100+ NEW iOS 11 Beta 3 Features & Changes!

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iOS 11 Beta 3 Released, Over 100 NEW Features & Changes! Huge Update With Lots of Awesome Features Added. Full Breakdown.

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Top 11 iOS 11 Features:


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  1. Heyyy @everythingapplepro, I have a big question!! I just got my iPhone screen repaired. And he didn't put back the screws and the small medal thing back. I asked him he said "everytime he does it he doesn't put them back." I'm very curious. Will my phone be okay??

  2. Can't wait for screen recording ! Really will help to create more content on my channel in Addition to secretly screenshoting when people don't know !…. smart idea apple

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  5. ❓??Can you talk about the issue that some people (me) are having with not being able to permanently delete ALL websites & data when selecting >Safari >Clear History and Website Data action nor from >Safari >Advanced > >Website Data >Remove All Website Data action. Some websites remain listed after I select delete that say 0 bytes (example: 0 bytes) and none of the suggestions I have researched / tried will remove them.?

  6. I had a question! When ever I try to Download and install he iOS 11 beta 3 it's say Error and I have an IPhone 6s Plus and I was connected to wifi, is there anyway I could make it download I've tried so many times but I doesn't work! Please help me!