100+ NEW iOS 11 Beta 4 Features & Changes!

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iOS 11 Beta 4 Is Out, Over 100 NEW Features & Changes! Interesting Update With Some Much Needed Features Added. Full Breakdown.

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Top 11 iOS 11 Features:


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  1. I have one question if I download ios 11 beta and when will ios 11 come can i be able to download official ios 11…plz answer i really need help

  2. Hi again my JBL E50BT won’t connect with them already paired, if you disconnect them and have the headphones on they’ll connect but turned off they won’t and I have iOS 11 beta 4 with beta 5 because I been watching videos about beta 5 and 4 and I have some of 5 but everything of four

  3. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone but ever since I updated my iPhone 6s+ to the betas, I haven’t been able to exit calls or use my phone during a call. The screen flashes non stop and whenever I try to tap anything it goes back to if I was holding it up to my face. Is this happening with others or is it just mine?

  4. When I’m playing iMessage games I can’t send a text in the group chat & play the game, I have to exit out the game & text. So annoying I’m not a fan of the things at the bottom of messages

  5. Someone Please help me! My phone has worked perfectly, no issues at all. Never dropped. Now as of the last update (11 beta 3. .the one intended to 'fix' the audio issue) has actually TAKEN my ability to hear phone calls without using speaker as an alternative. I downloaded beta 4 hoping it would correct this issue, it didn't. I even attempted to downgrade to oldest available firmware (11 beta 2).. NO HELP. Please help me. IDK what else to do!!!!! 🙁