$1000 iPhone XS vs $500 OnePlus 6 – Which has better VALUE?

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With the new iPhone XS costing more money, how does it compare to the “value” oriented OnePlus 6 at half the price.

Curious to hear your thoughts on this one!

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  1. Two very different devices at two very different price points. Would you get the iPhone XS or spend half the money for the OP6? It’s clear from the photos that the XS does better at dynamic range and the night shots have significantly less grain.

    Curious to hear your thoughts and wondering who’s stoked for the OP 6T?

  2. Better value … How about Xiaomi Pocophone F1 ? It costs even less than OnePlus 6. Personally speaking, I think the glass casing is just another way to juice more money out of users – easy to break, more expensive to replace, fingerprints magnet … All these will lead you to buy skins and cases … Then what is the point of having great design after all?

  3. I definitely wouldn't pick I phone because of its price. No matter what I hear about the optimization or the ecosystem I can't justify the price.
    As for one plus I am not sure if I want it just for its insane performance. It still is nowhere near flagship grade in the camera department. And now 6t is rumoured to have done with the headphone Jack which could be a deal breaker for many.