11 Awesome Hidden Features in iOS 10.2!

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Here are some of my favorite hidden secret features in iOS 10.2! They include 3D Touch Tricks, Safari Tips & Tricks, keyboard improvements, messaging effects, and more! These work with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on iOS 10.2, iOS 10.1, and iOS 10. Which is your favorite feature?⬇Check Out My Links Below!⬇

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  1. Holy shit! I can't remember the last time one of those videos actually showed me something I've never seen? the URL bar thing and I keep forgetting about the magnifier

  2. Nice vid it's new to those who didn't know old to those who did so if you knew all of this already why get on here and bash somebody who's trying to help the next person or people who didn't know thanks for the video it was very informative hey can it delete negative comments like the ones the these douch bags put up there that would be cool send that ish right back to their dam phone

  3. You should've included the 3D touching delete button on the keyboard, the harder you press the quicker the phone deletes text. Also very detailed and tremendous video. Nice transitions and well use of words…Pazaaas

  4. Great and Helpful, maybe next time go a little slower so we can go along with you. I kept having to pause and back up, it was a pain in the *. Otherwise Excellent!

  5. Ok, this is the first time I've commented on such a vid, but kudos to you for being so transparent with the "newer features" on IOs. Since some of us have not had the luxury of discerning them ourselves. Shoutouts to the workachoholics, lol. Well done sir.✌?