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This Android Tutorial video explains fragments in android, what purpose fragments serve, how you can implement UI modularization with fragments, how you make cross platform apps for mobiles and tablets using fragments and the different uses of fragments in ActionBar, Tabbed navigation and List navigation

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  1. Thank you i appreciate you breaking it down it helps since my professor doesnt teach at all and is a more of read the book and google to teach yourself kind of guy.

  2. I am facing the problem in android regarding with Fragments. See I am using Navigation drawer activity. Inside that home fragment is placed. After pressing a button in home fragment, it will move to second fragment. So my problem is how to navigate back icon option in tool bar, so that I can move back to home fragment from second fragment with the help of tool bar, like flipkart app. In flipkart app, inside navigation drawer fragment, if we select an item it moved to that fragment. Then it creates back option in tool bar to navigate back to the main fragment. please anyone help

  3. I am going to buy your course on Udemy within week. Reading the reviews. Does your course cover the topics like REST, JSON and Node.js use on that course on Udemy??

  4. I am new to android.I am very confused when we have to use fragment or activity. I have read my article, but still not very much clear.Benefits of using fragments over activity.I will be thankful if you make a video tutorial for the same. It will clear our doubt.

  5. hello folks! kindly read the announcement under the community tab as it is very important, slidenerd s shutting down and moving to something else , thank you