12 New Apple Music App Features in iOS 10

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  1. I tried removing a song from a playlist and it said it was removing it from my library – how can I remove from the playlist without removing from the library?

  2. Hi:) Two questions please:
    A. By being an Apple Music subscriber – do you mean having an iTunes account? Because I do and I still don't get to see the lyrics..
    B. How can I put a track on a loop?. In the previous version there was a such option which seem to have disappeared [my iPhone is 5s iOS 10.1.1]
    Thank you So much:)

  3. The new music Library has a ton of new feature but, what is with the alphabetical order of the songs????? Albums and Artists are in alphabetical order why not the songs? When you choose song the still in alphabetical order by artists, not Songs, Hello!!!! And what is with the tiny itty bitty witty letter in the left side on the screen, When are they gonna make them BIGGER so you can use them. Yeah, the new features are nice but if you are playing DJ and want to look for a song by a name, forget it you are doom and don't tell me to use the search Please! it should be in alphabetical order LIKE BEFORE.

  4. I was thinking about getting Apple Music for my YouTube channel because I want to put music on my videos so I'm wondering if you can save music to your music library?

  5. I really would like to know who is the fucking idiot that decided to hide my rating stars, i would like to have him in front of me and let him know how angry i am!

  6. I remember on the old version of Apple Music, you could see a long list of songs you've previously listened to. Does anyone know if this feature is on the ios10 version?? It's the only thing I miss about the app because you could listen to all of those tracks without wifi/4g/signal… please help

  7. The app doesn't keep you place in a playlist after you close the app like google play, and doesn't create an automatic playlist of songs you hearted. It's a BS app

  8. The app won't let me create playlists. Been trying to figure this out for 2 days now trying to do so to sync the music to my Apple Watch and it's pissing me off. It keeps giving me the loading circle on the top right when I click done. Anyone having the same issue?