12 Tips to Save Battery Life on the iPhone 6s

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I show you 12 ways to save iPhone 6s battery life. You can choose to implement just a few, or more of these battery life saving tips for the iPhone 6s, and iOS 9. These battery saving tricks also apply to the iPhone 6s Plus. Enjoy, and let me know what combo works for you.


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  1. Okay for some reason there is no option to set the auto lock. Also there is no siri button. Siri works when i press and hold the home button, but no option to turn it on or off. I have the 6s plus with iOS 10.

  2. lol soooo basically turn your brand new $700 phone into the equivalent of the first slider phones!!! yay! gotta love that state of the art Apple product! so innovative that u cant even power the thing! haha I just got this phone as my first iPhone (upgraded from a Galaxy s3) I got the 128 GB version but man im bummed, I might return it for a Galaxy s7 cause it has almost double the battery capacity- 3000 compared to 1715… and noo im not getting one of those retarded extra battery cases…. (lol I say that now!) But thanks for the video bro!

  3. Yeah my 6s is draining faster than my old 6, its like i charged it like 2-3 times a day, i only do net browsing (fb and messenger mostly), music and its draining faster, i hate it ?

  4. Hi I'm following your instructions to saving battery time, I got so far then things are not quite the same as the video goes on once I get to the saving at emails my threee things that you mention are three individual pieces whereas yours were on the same line and as you go on a little further mine is different once again! I only got the iPhone 6s about a month ago so not sure if things have changed over a period of time!