120 NEW iOS 11 Beta 2 Features & Changes!

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iOS 11 Beta 2 Released, 120 NEW Features & Changes! Massive Update With Tons of Awesome Features Added. Full Breakdown.

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Top 11 iOS 11 Features:


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  1. This is the beta version not everything is gonna be right. Once they release the real version everything should be good. (Little thing: Apple is trying hard to work on IOS 11 and thats why they wanted to show and gave u the beta version and like I said not everything is gonna be great ITS BETA!!!

  2. dude. can u just slow down and put these into little bundles? I dont even have a Apple phone yet, and never have. so all this you used to do this, and now it's this, is just irrelevant to new users and makes me more confused

  3. hang on. which phone is the new one. and which phone is the old one. the right or the left? was this ever clarified? or do we just have to figure this out while getting more confused?

  4. Hey Phillip, do you know why the split screen isn’t working on my iPad? It’s and iPad mini 2. And if you do know why, please tell me and thank you for your time.

  5. I'm impressed that you don't need to breathe! However, as an ex-BBC editor I can tell you that very few of your audience will stay with you – no matter how much they want to know about ios 11.1.2, you would do well to let the facts sink in for just a second or two, this is why we have spaces and punctuation in the written word, it's exactly the same.Change the subject and like a new paragraph you give a slightly longer pause and chance the inflection. Otherwiseitallbecomesanunintelliblejumbleofnoisethatyoucanactuallytakeinbutnotforlong.