13 Essential Cydia Tweaks You MUST Install After Jailbreaking! | iOS 10 – 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

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13 Essential Cydia Tweaks/Apps You MUST Install After Jailbreaking on iOS 10 – 10.2! | Essential iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

Here are 13 tweaks/apps that should be installed immediately after jailbreaking your iOS 10 -10.2 device!

As I mentioned, these tweaks are more geared towards new jailbreakers, but they need to be installed by everyone. When you come to me with an issue, I’ll most likely ask you to use one of the first 6 tweaks mentioned.

NOTE: BioLockdown, BioProtect or Springtomize 3 aren’t updated yet, so don’t try to install them.

1. Filza
2. mTerminal
3. Apple File Conduit 2
4. Mikoto (source:
5. No Pls Recovery
6. iCleaner Pro (source:
7. Springtomize 3 – NOT supported yet
8. Anemone
9. App Admin
10. Activator (source:
11. BioLockdown – NOT supported yet
12. Protect My Privacy – NOT fully supported yet
13. NoSlowAnimations

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▶ Facebook:
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    Springtomize 3 doesn't work on iOS 10 yet but an update is coming very soon!

    However, both BioProtect & BioLockdown are now compatible with iOS 10!

    Also, if you're having issues with Anemone or Activator, add the repo & install the updated RocketBootstrap & Activator beta.

    If Protect My Privacy gives you issues, or freezes your device, follow this:

    And finally, here's the wallpaper I'm using:

  2. Great video 🙂

    1) is there an adblocker working on iPhone 7, 10.1.1 JB?
    2) is there a working version of iGameGuardian on iPhone 7, 10.1.1 JB?

  3. Hello BRANDON!!!
    Please help! I downloaded Cydia but there is a error that pops up and says
    Could not open file/car/lib/dpkg/statues-open(2 no such file or directory)

    The package list or statues file could not be
    Parsed or opened.

    Below it says return to Cydia I press it and it takes me to the Cydia home screen but nothing works .
    PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you!

  4. Need help! Need help with the beginning commands when first doing the jb looks like it did not work not sure what to do since I'm on 10.1.1 and mobile substrate is needed

  5. My YouTube is fucking up do u know what I should uninstall that might fix it and I already deleted YouTube ++ and its still fuckin up (help)

  6. recently installed the milkshake theme that you had on anemone, and as I was installing my phone crashed and restarted. now none of my cydia tweaks load. I can get into cydia and my 3rd party apps but none of the tweaks from the setting app are there nor are they working, Plz help