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In today’s video I cover 14 Wallet style cases for your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. These cases are from 3 different styles, Thin, Flip and Protective. They all provide various card slots and some even have a pocket to carry cash. If you are looking to have one less thing to carry, especially with Samsung Pay working so well, then you can pick up when of these, grab your ID and hit the door. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below.

Ghostek Exec for Galaxy S8/S8+:
Cuvr Leather Wallet (Black) for Galaxy s8:
Cuvr Leather Wallet (Black) for Galaxy s8+:
Juteni Slim Leather Wallet for s8+:
Shieldon Genuine Leather Wallet for s8/s8+
Samsung LED Wallet Case for S8/s8+:
Otterbox Strada s8/s8+: (review video here:
Goospery Denim Canvas for s8/s8+:
WenBelle Blazer Series for s8/s8+:
Spigen Wallet S for Galaxy s8/s8+:
Spigen Crystal Wallet for Galaxy s8/s8+:
Spigen Slim Armor for Galaxy s8/s8+:

Spigen cases review video: and

These wallets I found very interesting. They were sent out to me by Kindz to review. Since they can help with preventing the theft of your card information I figured I’d give them a try. Last year during my trip to VidCon in Anehim, my credit card information was stolen. I could have definitely used one of these then to save me that headache. These wallets are very thin, yet offer you some security. They are also very affordable and real leather. My only concern is around the magnet in the Money clip. It’s very, very strong which is great. I just wonder if it will have an impact on my cards when placed in a slot.

These wallets come in multiple colors too, so check them out.

Kindz RFID Blocking Wallets:
Napa Minimal Wallet:
Pocket Money clip Wallet:

Elastic Minimal Wallet:

I really enjoy this wallet. Talk about minimal. It’s perfect me. I often only carry 1-2 cards, my ID and my car fob and house key. With this wallet, I only need to carry on thing in addition to my phone and that is awesome in my book. Out of the three, I found myself using this one the most. The elastic is very good and I didn’t once have to worry about my card coming out. It can hold between 8-12 max which is more than I’d ever bring with me at one time.

Screen protectors shown in this video:
Samsung Galaxy S8: Whitestone Dome:
Samsung Galaxy s8+:

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  1. Great video mate! My favourite is probably the led cover from samsung, that is probably the only case that has stayed on my s7 edge for more than a week. One question, I always felt that these wallet cases add a lot of bulk to the phone, is that the same here?

  2. Thanks for the upload man. My favourite is Ghostek Exec, i wanna get it for Note 8. or the one i had which is Sinjimoru pouch for my Note 8.

  3. Great video! I wish companies would do some wallet cases where the phone and protector could be removed for taking pictures.

  4. I have the OEAGO card case for my Samsung Galaxy S8+, it has a slot for one card, and also has a kickstand. I would highly recommend it. I'm Surprised it was not in this video.

  5. Hey bud, just throwing out there the CM4 wallet case is awesome, great room for 3 cards, very slim profile and has a cool kickstand function using a credit card. Definitely worth adding to your list.

  6. Great video, subscribed. Have you tried the iPulse leather wallet cases? I just got the Cognac one for my S8+ today and I'm quite impressed. I don't usually like wallet cases but I scratched the bottom of my phone the other day (gutted), so wanted a bit of extra protection

  7. Hi U Droid! Sweet vid! I got an idea when I saw the Cuvr Leather Wallet. Do you know if there is a case where the cardpocket could be used as a stand? Attached with a magnet of sorts and extendable? That would be sweet, two flies in one swath kind of thing. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for doing this video it helped me out immensely for both a phone case and s slim wallet ive been looking for. So thank you very much