15 iOS 11 Tips, Tricks and Features for Your iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini

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As usual Apple are calling it their biggest update ever with the release of iOS 11. That conversation may be up for debate, but what I think we can all agree on is the significant overhaul that iPad devices in particular have undergone, particularly with the dock and multi-tasking.

So in this special quick bonus iOS 11 video here’s more than 15 new tips, tricks and features for iPad Minis, iPads and iPad Pros.

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  1. VGJ, there is a really cool editing software called KineMaster. You could get it on iOS for free and it is a really cool editor. The thing is when I wanted to edit my airshou videos on it. It would not detect it as a real video for some reason. It would be really cool if you can tell me if iOS recordings work on it.

  2. Teamviewer has screen sharing it uses the broadcast feature built into IOS 11 screen recorder please VGJFelix read this because this means more IOS live broadcasting apps will be allowed in the app store

  3. You have to reed this vgj you know the app shou yeah you can livestream with there new update where you go to the iOS 11 built in screen to broadcast like wow

  4. Hey VGJ… I have a problem … My device is iPad 2 then I still have the iOS 9.3.5 …..does it mean that I can't update my device to iOS 11??? I really want iOS 11 in my device …I WISH U REPLY IN MY QUESTION 🙂

  5. If the iPad Pro is in not physically positioned in landscape (wide and short) but is being used in the portrait mode (narrower but taller position), can the screen be split between apps vertically, one over the other, rather than side by side?