15+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Tips and Tricks

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In this video lets see top 15 + redmi note 3 tips and tricks:
1. One handed mode.
2. Transfer multiple applications.
3. Battery Status (graphical/ percentage/ top bar)
4. how to enable or disable animations
5. how to customize notification LED light
6. what is magnification gestures.
7. mi mover
8. how to manage ram efficiently
9. how to take screenshots
10. how to customize homescreen
11. themes support
12. how to enable xxl text size
13. what is reading mode.
14. what is lite mode.
15. what is child mode.
16. shortcut to launch camera application.
17. is call recording supported.
18. dynamic wallpapers
19. does google now work fine.

Guys watch Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 tips and tricks part2

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  1. I have a question!
    How can you set a BT headset (with a mic) to be the main source of audio input in a Xiaomi device?
    I have a Skullcandy wireless ink'd 2 piece and i use a Xiaomi Redmi 3 pro. What i would specifically like to achieve is that the mic in my headphones would record messages for FB messenger or Whatsapp and other. For some reason it doesnt do that automatically when its connected (paired).

    I havent seen anyone adress it anywhere so maybe someone might have and answer.

  2. sir..my problem is.. in the top right side of my redmi note3 lockscreen there's a theame or wallpaper changing icon..

    i want to remove that icon which is appearing on lock screen.
    please help me if it is possible plss… thanQ

  3. Wherever I make calls from Mi Note3, that time it's screen always going to braking but phone works, di tell me why it is happening and how to resolve this issue?

  4. hi bro i have redmi note 4 Nd how to activate call waiting feature because when i was activate this feature it's on when i back it's automatically off plz check it and give solutions

  5. sir Jo mi ka time show krta h wo mera home page na ho kr other slide home page bn gya so how I can make my homepage the clock bar on 1St slide…???