150+ Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips, Tricks, Features and Secrets – The Ultimate Guide to 2017’s BEST Phone!

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have already been marked down as the best smartphones of 2017 and will no doubt be one of the biggest selling too… and this is the biggest Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks guide there is and may ever will be!

In total there are 171 tips that look at the new features, important tips, a complete guide on how to use the camera, cool stuff like the new bio metric tools, dual audio and all sorts of tips on how to make the most out of that HUGE screen.

This hour long video is split into eight sections to help you get to the tips that are important to you. Click on the timestamps below to jump to those sections:

00:43 – Galaxy S8 Features
19:53 – Galaxy S8 Settings
24:59 – Galaxy S8 Notifications
31:03 – Galaxy S8 Battery Tips
35:04 – Galaxy S8 Camera Guide
45:10 – Galaxy S8 Customisation
52:30 – Galaxy S8 Communication
54:15 – Galaxy S8 Cool Stuff

Thanks for watching and if you enjoy this video and find it useful, please share it with others who might like it to. I worked my absolute socks off for three days straight after purchase to get this video to you guys and girls… I hope it was worth it!

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  1. Great Video and very informative too. And its a Samsung Galaxy S8 video that actually doesn't include a rant about the position of the fingerprint sensor … maybe i missed it or you are the first person (as opposed to whiney little bitches) here who knows what muscle memory is for.

  2. I never comment on videos but I just got the 8+ after having an iPhone for 10 years. This video was amazing and taught me so many cool things to do with my phone, even watched the video in focussed split screen after seeing that on the video! thank you

  3. Really great video. After weeks of watching galaxy s8 video reviews and trying to figure out if its worth switching from iphone 7 , this video helped to make final decision – after 5 years of IOS switching back to android 🙂 S8 – awesome phone. THANK YOU for the guided video , really helpful