20+ Awesome Features of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

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In this video lets see some amazing and best features offered by xiaomi redmi note 4 like :
1. Double tap to wake
2. Night Mode
3. App lock
4. Finger print selfie
5. Child mode
6. How to take screen shot and long screen shot
7. Customize buttons
8. One handed mode
9. Dual apps
10. Second space
11. Theme store
12. Call recording
13. Slow motion
14. Fast motion
15. Calculator and its features
16. Scanner app
17. Timed Messaging
18. Hidden folder
19. Quick Ball
20. Wallpaper Carousel
21. Security app
22. Camera shortcut
23. How to auto arrange icons

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  1. Sir dat last feature of auto arranging apps isn't working on my note 4…
    Also d menu mode isn't displayed when i single press d recent tab button.
    Either i m pressing single time or holding it clicked for a while it is just showing recent apps…
    Help me out vid it sir