20 iOS 7 Tips/Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

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Here’s my collection of obscure iOS tips/tricks and where you can find them on iOS 7. If you’re an experienced iOS user, I’m hoping that at least one of these is something you never knew about. Leave a comment if you learned something new or if you have one to share!

#1 – Disable Parralax

#2 – Open pages in background in Safari

#3 – Custom keyboard phrase shortcuts

#4 – Custom vibrations per app and per contact

#5 – Send calls directly to speakerphone

#6 – Siri does settings

#7 – Private mode in Safari

#8 – Album Wall

#9 – Rotation measurement in Compass app

#10 – Level in Compass app

#11 – Built-in dictionary

#12 – Show battery percentage

#13 – Free native Emoji icon keyboard

#14 – Invert colors

#15 – Week view in Calendar app

#16 – Print directions from Apple Maps app

#18 – Insert more than one picture into iMessage, SMS, or Email

#19 – Swipe back in menus gesture

#20 – Use LED as notification


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  1. Thanks, but no thanks. It was crazy hard to see the screen bud. Would have been nice to have been able to see what you were actually doing.

  2. Nice one bro, at least you didn't show the same repeated stuff what others show about the phone. There were many things which were not commonly used that you showed on the vid 🙂

  3. X-Mirage would a do a really good job for recording your tutorials. I think Reflector is another alternative.

  4. +BenTechnology I hope you learned a valuable lesson from this video because you allowed a contact to be released and didn't bother to edit it. ?

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