20 iPhone X Secrets Hidden in iOS 11

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20 Things iOS 11 Tells Us About iPhone X & 8 (Allegedly). OLED Display, Night Mode, Split Status Bar, Function Area & More Hidden Features.

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  1. Apple and samsung cant be compared unless you want to compare what you like compared to what another person likes bc thats what it comes down to. IMO, i like using iOS better because its more fluid and it just works how i want it to far as everyday userbility functions , but i rather use and like android more bc it fullfills my tech need and nerdy side but thats me being greedy. If i only need to do what i need to do and what i want to do and not worry about how much i like the look or the nerdy side of things, then I’d pick iPhone over androids. Androids will never be on par with performance as iOS simply bc apple has a self priority chip in which its designed to work exactly with iPhone where as androids use Qualcomm chips that are basically “univerisal”

  2. Currently watching on my iPad Pro while fast charging my lg g6 while having my iPhone X full battery waiting for any tasks i need to throw at it right now. #murica yessir