20+ NEW iOS 11 Beta 7 Features & Changes!

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iOS 11 Beta 7 Is Out! 20+ New Features & Changes! The Last Refinements Before Final Release In a Month. Full Breakdown.

Last iOS 11 Beta 6 Changes:
Install iOS 11 Here:
Top 11 iOS 11 Features:


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  1. Hey EverythingApplePro…  I think I found one you didn't.  If you try to open the multitasker and you have no actual apps open in the background, the haptic engine kicks in and you get a buzz telling you basically "nothing's open moron – stop doing that!"  🙂

  2. If the difference is noticeable on se how bout 5s? Upgraded to gs8 a couple months ago, but kinda still like my 5s. I've had problems more than 2 dozen phones over last couple years, including i6 and plus, 4s, 5c, htc m8, Sony t3, nexus 5, galaxy s3, s4, s5, and plenty of crap in between.

  3. Hey I have a question, should I delete the beta when the actual update comes out, or should I keep the update? And another thing, if I do keep the beta will I get any other updates if I do have the beta?