2017 Android TV Box – 5 Very Useful Tips

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2017 Android TV Box – 5 Very Useful Tips

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  1. I appreciate the reply and understand your position. Maybe because you are in some way commercially backed it would not be good to point out boxes with issues that you describe. If my above reasoning is invalid then it would be helpful to those of us who prefer your reviews to know about a box with issues before we spend money on it. I've ordered a pre-release with a significant discount and it seems it will be in my mini PC pile not my streaming machine pile. Thank you.

  2. That's awesome that you are beholden to no one. RS is the reviewer I don't care for and it's pretty easy to see he is commercially backed. Thanks for your solid work.

  3. Hi there C/Tech I got an dolamee tv box I factory reset it cause it was running slow when it booth up back I got a black screen with a message "unfortunately system ui has stop" I tried factory reset with a tooth pick this time and get the same result. How can I fix this problem.

  4. I've downloaded updated version of YouTube. How do I make it the default app on the launcher home page? It is still launching old version.

  5. Hi chigz how do u change icons on home page of a Android box mine is R-Box Pro, once I change you tube like to put it where the old one is…. maybe video tutorial?

  6. Hello,
    Sorry I did post my comment else where on tip#3. You are sating that webcam can be used on all Android TV Box. On my last box h96 pro plus, it did work on Android 6 but 7 after the upgrade. So there is a big issue in this regard which no body answer het.
    Thanks anyway for your works

  7. Hi.. Thanks for the tips. I would like to ask if it is possible to set h96 android box to stand by mode and/or to power on using the mini keyboard?

  8. Hi I have the M9S Pro 16G by docooler and it going extremely slow it has been like this since I bought it any app I try to open it says program not responding is there anything I could do to fix it…I have already tried to reset the box but that has not worked..Thank you in advance