2018 iPhone Lineup Spec, Price Predictions and more

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iPhone XS, iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus are just a few weeks away. I go over my predictions for what I think they will have inside.

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  1. Aaron, thanks so much for doing a video on the upcoming iPhones that is clear and helps people understand what to expect in terms of names, specs and price.

  2. This is what I think apple will do based on what people like Ming Chi Quo and Renee Richie of iMore have said: No USB C on the X Models, it will come with a USB C Brick and Usb C to Lighting Cable. They will price the 6.1 LCD at 700.00 5.8"X at 900.00 and the 6.5" X at 999 for the base models. There will be 64, 256, 512gb Models for the Xs.