[2019] Fix "Root Access Not Installed Properly" | Works on any Android Device | Rooted Devices

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This method will show you how to fix root access problem we come across several devices while the process of rooting. This process supports almost all the Android devices and Android versions. If your device isn’t rooted and you follow the steps then you can even root your phone!
It takes me 4 hours to shoot, edit, dub a video using my low-end laptop so do LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE for more better videos in future! 🙂


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Flash Custom Recovery on an Android Device:

Install Android Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos:


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  1. Hi, Yash,
    Is the video from 2016 or 2018?
    Whichever the case, it was a big help in finally getting my Samsung gt i9305 rooted properly.
    So, thank you very much (although I still don't understand why another CF zip file recommended elsewhere didn't root successfully)

  2. Hello,

    so I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge since about a year and a half ago and everything went fine; I encountered not issue with it whatsoever. But last week I wanted to install Snapchat, after the installation I learned that to login to your account root must not be installed. So I researched some ways to login with root installed and found that 'Root Switch' (an app that is available on Play Store) can easily partially deroot and reroot your phone for just the time to login to Snapchat. Having installed Root Switch and disable my root I went on to login to snapchat only to find it not working. So I deleted Root Switch thinking that it did not work. I later found out that it had indeed unroot my phone but not completely. For example, my phone was no longer being detected by my pc and other problems like that were encountered. So I tried to root it again using the same method I used in the beginning ( which is Odin) the Odin app was not detecting my phone. Not only was I not able to root my phone but it was not detected by my PC. After a few days I tried the same method again but it failed and now my phone is bricked and on stuck on the booting screen. I thought that I could unbrick it by flashing it with is original firmware using Odin. But as I said earlier, my phone was not being detected even on Download Mode. Can anyone help please. I know it sounds stupid what I did but now my phone is on bootloader and I am without phone.

    I would be of great apreciation for anyone that help me

    Thank you,


  3. Hello my friend. I cannot install the zip because Asus Zenfone doesn't have "Install zip". What can I do to solve this problem? Thank you!

  4. Root still not installed. I tried it after following you ressurecionremix video and was trying to get root access for recovering my apps.What should i do? Also, i had changed the recovery in the settings which replaced my previous clockworkmod recovery with cyanogenmod recovery. Will that cause any problems? Please help.

  5. But my problem is that my sd card is formated to the internal memory and my root files are locked cannot modify or transfer files to root files.so no root for me even with this rooting option.

  6. Once i have rooted by recobery mode then I unrooted it by using supersu application and I want to re root my phone
    I failed to do this with recovery and applications