2021 CarPlay vs Android Auto! 3 x head-to-head tests & walkthrough

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We test CarPlay and Android Auto head-to-head. Both offer wireless and wired connectivity and Apple has recently updated CarPlay (iOS 14) to include customisable wallpapers. In this video Paul Maric will run you through a guide on how to connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the basic features of each, plus a head-to-head test to see which performs better at basic functions.

We have used the Skoda Superb Scout to show you how all of this works. The Skoda uses a wired Apple CarPlay/Android Auto interface. Some cars come with their wired or wireless integrations, the full list of compatible vehicles is in the links below.

Our three head-to-head tests include:
– Calling my aunty…with a very ethnic name!
– Finding an EV charging station near me
– Directing me to a holiday destination 16 hours drive away

Apple CarPlay compatible cars:
Android Auto compatible cars:

Skip Ahead:
Intro: 00:00
Android Auto: 01:12
Apple CarPlay (iOS 14): 04:42
CarPlay vs Android Auto head-to-head: 07:59
Verdict: 12:09

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Paul Maric:

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  1. every app on Android auto sucks and hasn't been updated in years. slow shitty UI and very limited selection of voice commands. it is just BARELY better than just using your phone on a mount instead of you cars screen

  2. There's always been a knock on Apple Maps that it's just not as good as the well-established Google Maps. Thing is though, that for the most part Apple Maps will sort you out and it's often been easier to just use the default option but I am glad that they've allowed us to set other apps as the default option now. Obviously whether you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will just come down to what smartphone you use but it was good to see the differences ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 2:30 – "It is using the car to help with reception…" What's this? I've often wondered whether these cars feed the smartphone a stronger GPS or cellular signal. Could you please provide more info on exactly what is often done/provided to the phone?

  4. they both are way overrated. good for putting google maps on youre screen. thats about it. but my car puts its own nav on head up display on windshield so i use that anyway. android/carplay who cares…ive heard about it for so long and just got a new 2021 mazda. set up android auto and was like… is that it? i just bluetooth my youtube podcasts and use car maps. may never use andoid auto again

  5. Test #2 and #3 was technically the same thing, asking for a direction. My experience with either has been, if Apple maps finds the destination, it gives a better route.

  6. I can tell you that after using both Android Auto has a smarter design. The voice to search written text feature is amazing since you can tell what the google received. The major one for me is that the apps have a cleaner look than the chunky looking buttons on carplay which look like a kids app on an Ipad. Also the multimedia bar on AA makes viewing multiple information more efficient. Like i said i've used both and AA is just a much cleaner and functional look which is what you want while driving.

  7. Has Google fixed the issue that had Android Auto disconnecting every 10 minutes, and potentially forcing your car stereo to reboot? Or is this still a feature in the current version?

  8. Love Android Auto, but Apple CarPlay just looks better. From the rounded corners, to the smooth animations and user interface, it just feels nicer to use. Also, maps on Android Auto has an unnecessarily big black bar at the bottom that takes up a lot of space.

  9. How do I set android auto up correctly to use wirelessly. Iv used it once and becuase it required a WiFi connection rather than Bluetooth it then leaves my phone with do data connection. Is this normal as it seems kinda pointless to have wireless connection but have a dead phone.

  10. Hey Paul, great review. Well done. I was wondering how your tesla system compares to AA and ACP? I've ordered a Cybertruck and I'm a bit worried about the navigation and other apps/uses here in Australia?

  11. I am leaving Apple for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G but I will miss Apple Car Play. I think ACP just looks better but the Android system is way better. I wish AA would facelift their whole app/experience.

  12. I like that Android Auto can be used as a standalone app. using the cars bluetooth connection for audio, and the phones screen for maps etc (with a phone holder of course).

  13. It seems that carplay is more reliable though, at least in my experience. I have never been able to really make AndroidAuto work (sadly, because I am Android user all the way!), whereas Carplay works seamlessly on all supported cars. Frustrates me a little bit whenever I see my father plug his iPhone into his car and it just pops up straight away.

  14. Well, you donโ€™t really have the choice. I have an Oppo, so I use Android Auto. The last big update on Android Auto is really good. But, there are still some issues :

    – You can use only Google Maps ou Waze as a navigation system. Not open to TomTom, Here, Sygic, etc…
    – You loose GPS Connection in the tunnels
    – On the Skoda, you canโ€™t use the navigation on the virtual cockpit. On the other car makers, you donโ€™t have the navigation instructions on the head-up display.
    – No wireless connection with AA. On my Skoda, and probably yours in this video, CarPlay has wireless connection
    – Not sure, but it looks like very light version of Google Maps or Waze, so you donโ€™t have all the fonctionnalities. Traffic info are strange on Waze. At least here in Switzerland. It could be due to legal restrictions.

    Really great tutorial ! Regarding the user interface, Iโ€™d rather prefer CarPlay.

  15. What I hate most is, more and more car manufacturers are putting their own designed infotainment systems in the car. We all know cars are used for many years not like a mobile phone, when it breaks we have to find the same thing from the car manufacturer where we would be easily getting a modern infotainment from a third party provider.

  16. I use both system on my car (Note 20 and Iphone 11 pro max) and this is my honest feedback:

    Pros: More simplistic, faster and allows more apps to be used. Google maps is well optimized since its android after all although I often use waze, better voice command recognition, helpful traffic and weather updates, higher resolution I like my screen in HD.
    Cons: Music streaming apps like (Pandora and Spotify) for some reason, doesn't show all of your music. I think this is because Android is forcing us to use Youtube Music (consipracy lol). Black background is too boring and flat for me (personal preference). Call quality isn't great but not bad.

    Pros: User interface is much better and you can change the background which is nice, music streaming apps are perfect, widgets are really useful so you can see everything in one screen like your nav, music and notifs. Superb call quality.
    Cons: Pixelated screen ugh! Siri is trash and slow.

    Conclusion: I like using applecarplay on long rides because usually I only need Waze and Spotify because everything else is planned. Short rides I prefer the android auto, you get a ton of info around you and google maps real time updates are awesome. Hope this helps!

  17. I really apperciate the fact that you give us time stamps just in case we don't want to watch the full vid or if we're in a rush. And because of that, I always watch your full vids. Earned a subscriber.

  18. Switched from Android Auto on s9+ to iPhone 12 with Apple Car Play. I had way too many problems with connectivity on Android Auto and Subaru Ascent. It would disconnect frequently, freeze, Spotify issues…same problems on two different Samsung phones. Apple Car Play works very well and much better experience, no issues so far.