25 GREAT Ways To Make Your iPhone Better ( Best iPhone Tips 2017 )

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10 REAL Toys CAUGHT Moving on Camera:
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People are always looking for ways to make their iPhone run faster or be more effective. Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Trending 10, and these are the Top 25 ways you can make your iPhone better.

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  1. For taking the perfect photo i wouldnt recomend holding down the photo button.
    What i do is id set my video quality to 4k 30fps an while recording tale pictures of wat u want as is u were usingg the camera. Pictures come out as 16:9 wheres the camera doesnt do that so ur taking a 4k photo that uses the entire screen.
    Hope this helps someone

  2. I can't believe that you guys only have this many subscribers! You make the best top 10 content on YouTube, you even have the black link as your commentator! Keep up the great work! I've been here since I think when choasxsilenser gave you guy a shoutout.