25 iOS 11 Battery Saving Tips For Your iPhone and iPad

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It doesn’t matter how powerful your iPhone is, or what cool features your smartphone has, inevitably, at some point, it always boils down to battery life.

iPhones are pretty good at managing battery, but there are tons of little tricks to help increase your battery life by as much as 50% – if not more. And so, in my continuing quest to unlock all of Apple’s secrets, this is my comprehensive rundown of 25 tips and tricks to save you percentage after percentage of precious battery.

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  1. Okay.. I need help! So vidyo shut down so I have to use airshou. So I try get tutu app. It won't download. I try getting it off iemualators. It won't work. I try getting it off the pyger site where u put the password in. It won't work! Please help! I'm on iOS 9.4 btw on a iPod touch 6.

  2. This was literally the best tips , tricks , battery saving app I've ever seen. Great work on this video. I will definitely check out more of your iPhone 7 plus guides. Thanks!!!

  3. i have been using my phone with almost every feature on like gps bluetooth surfing internet and has little poor network phone signal. I get only 3 and half hours on usage, is this okay to consider normal battery life ?

  4. I just turn OFF the iPhone … when I turn it on and send 1 text message … lost 5% of the battery. Everything is off .. otherwise. I mean every thing .. wi-fi -… cellular data. Other people tell me that Apple sends your location and pervs on conversations even if you have privacy toggled ON.

    With that said iTunes 12.7 makes the iPhone absolutely useless to me and the iMac is no longer paired to the iPhone as the software was BLOATED .. and now it is sleek. trimmer and sexy software. It takes me hours to update Apps over wi-fi where before it took minutes with internet connection. Since Steve Jobs went to the other side … Apple Management can only sell Jewelry … Trendy Colors … Bling … and suck money for iCloud when your Hard Drive was completely free of charge.

    My next purchase is a PC/Android combination as that is a LOT CHEAPER to own crap which is a head ache to operate.