25+ OnePlus 6 Tips and Tricks!

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Ready for the massive OnePlus 6 tips and tricks video that we promised? Here is it, all 24 minutes of it. Some of these tips and tricks you’ll find familiar from our OnePlus 6 First 10 Things video, but we go even deeper and show you every single thing worth tweaking on this phone.

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    0:41 How to unlock your lock screen in different ways
    2:13 Secure ways to unlock your phone
    4:19 Different features of Smart Lock
    5:05 How to hide the notch
    5:51 Different ways of navigation on your phone
    7:09 Home Screen Settings
    8:30 Notification Settings
    10:14 The alert slider
    11:15 Status Bar
    12:16 Reading Mode and Night Mode
    13:42 Various display settings
    15:55 Volume Settings
    19:17 Battery Settings
    20:33 Storage Settings
    21:07 Languages/Input Settings
    21:40 "Advanced" Settings
    23:00 How to take screenshots and settings for that
    23:40 Camera Tips

  2. Show mode of wallpapers how get change in one plus 6 just like mi note 5 pro. In mi smart phone different different wallpaper get change in 24hrs can u show me in (one + 6)

  3. Only if there was a way were the ringtone goes from loud to vibration mode or even silent mode when it detects that you're at college campus, work, church, etc. It's not complicated to add that feature because phones already have GPS and most people leave "location" on. Sometimes people forget to silent there phone and that feature would be great.

  4. how accurate is the trusted places-feature? If someone takes my phone who lives in an appartment below mine, would he be able to use the phone without a lockscreen? or does the device actually track your altitude aswell

  5. Considering switching from iPhone 6 to this. One concern however is whether it is at all possible to use one-handed? The dimensions are massive compared to iPhone 6, but at least iPhones have this "double tab" on home-button to move the entire screen down for reachability. Is there anything like this on the OnePlus?

  6. this will be my first flagship phone i bought for myself, don't even know what that means. i just wanted a high quality phone ill use for the next couple years.

    edit:oh my lord, so much info in first 2minues, will there be a booklet that list all this crap out? Im not gonna remember all this….

  7. I bought the Oneplus 6 phone, but when i go to video recording tab. I only see 720p & 1080p.. How do i get 1080 60fps & 4k? It's hidden somewhere or am i that stupid 😛 pls help me!!

  8. This is perfect, I just moved from my old iPhone 6S to this and this is the perfect vid to get me back to speed on Android! So much has changed since my last android.