25 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 8 Is Better Than iPhone X

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25 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be considered better than the Apple iPhone X. This is part one of a two part #phonebuffstyle video series.

Watch the iPhone X’s version here:



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  1. Extended question:

    Hey, the one thing that REALLY stood out to me was its ability to become a mini desktop.

    Like seriously, this was completely unheard of to me, and the second I saw that little clip of it becoming an OSX-style Desktop Computer was just a huge “WTF!!!!????” Moment for me, but I gotta ask:

    To what extent is this a fully functional PC???

    I’m asking because I’m building my first PC, and I’m planning on ditching my MacBook altogether, but I’m a Computer Science student, so I still need something that I can carry around with me every day to school that can at run coding programs like MATLAB

    I was thinking about just getting a crappy, cheap laptop, but if this phone can work as an actual fucking PC, that can run some minor coding programs while I’m at school (and use my Powerhouse PC at home to work on bigger projects) then I’m absolutely SOLD!!!!!

    I can look into peripherals later on (monitor, keyboard, and mouse), but if this can be pulled off, then fuck it, GN8 ALL THE WAY!!!!

  2. Android wins every time because iOS is soo stoneaged I can't do anything I want to do on iOS without jailbreaking and even then it doesn't have as many features that android has and fuck apple

  3. I phone x is like a lamborghini car… u can show to everyone u have a expensive car but you can't use regular ….note 8 is like a Toyota land cruiser you can show to everyone and the same time you can ride even desert…?

  4. NOTHING to compare, note 8 wins, heres why:
    You spend the same amount of money on both, but the note 8 has extra features such as the headphone jack, fingerprint sensor, sd card + fast charger in the box.
    Case closed!

  5. I am proud to like android and people at my school make fun of me for it and for my s4 because I am outdated and I keep telling them android better but when my freinds watch this they will thank me

  6. Also an unknown feature of the note 8 and s8 is dual audio where you can connect to 2 bluetooth speakers and play the same thing or like a speaker and headphones.

  7. I would not choose any of those. Lagsung has a lot of lag and is NOT oprimized well while Apple actually downgrades your devices making them slower on purpose in order to make you buy their newest phone. PLUS Iphone X costs 1,3k how the fuck is that acceptable? Their phones cost now over 1k and they want you to buy their phones each year. Yeah, fuck that.
    Good news is, NOKIA is back. Thank god. The only company that does not try to screw you over and offers a good quality phones.