25 Reasons Why iPhone X Is Better Than Galaxy Note 8

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We look at 25 reasons why the Apple iPhone X could be considered better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Watch the Note 8’s version here:



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  1. something i heard in another channel which i find tremendously important is that
    the Samsung phones tend to slow down and collect troubles through time
    iphone is known for durable consistent performance through time
    SO did samsung improved this issue for such an expensive version of her phones ????????

  2. I have owned several Apple products over the years and never had a single Apple device going dead. My Note 4 died after 1.5 years of normal use. I took very good care of all my products. Never again will I buy another Samsung product since I had bad experiences with other Samsung electronics (dishwasher and fridge).

  3. I honestly think Samsung would have won in Longevity. iPhones slow down as it gets older… And even if the 5s still gets iOS 11, I still think it's probably gonna make the battery deteriorate more. Maybe even make it slower. So to me, it's kinda useless to update your old iPhone. But that's just me. πŸ™‚