25+ Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips & Tricks [4K]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a lot of Software Features. We are showing you a long list of Tips and Tricks here. Amazing hidden Features also shown 😉

01. 0:35 – Quick Camera Mode
02. 1:00 – NightClock (S6 Edge)
03. 2:00 – Turn of Flipboard HomeScreen
04. 2:30 – App Grid Homescreen
05. 3:20 – Dual Windows Mode
06. 4:40 – Keyboard Size Change
07. 5:40 – PopUp Apps Window
08. 6:45 – Triple Press Shortcut
09. 7:25 – Assistant Menu Icon
10. 9:25 – Gesture WakeUp (Double Tap Alternative)
11. 10:15 – Universal Switch
12. 11:50 – Baby Cry Detector
13. 12:15 – Doorbell Detector
14. 13:10 – Developer Options (Animation Disable)
15. 13:50 – S Health App
16. 14:05 – Check Blood Oxygen Level
17. 14:15 – Check Stress Level
18. 14:45 – MirrorLink Car Assistant
19. 15:20 – Text Zoom via Volume Control
20. 16:05 – Text messages Pop Up and Notifcations
21. 16:30 – Ringtone highlight Feature
22. 17:40 – Movie Player Scrubbing
23. 19:35 – Camera Tracking AF
24. 20:20 – Pinning App
25. 21:45 – Edge Screen Side Contacts

and more i didn’t list 😉

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This 4K Video was created with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 Camera. Using a 7-14mm Leica Lumix Lens.


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  1. One thing I am finding really weird, on some videos multitasking on the S6 is really fast and on some videos it's slow and laggy and takes like 3-4 seconds to respond.

    Watch this video, you'll see the multitasking on the S6 looks slow.

    Then look at this video, multitasking on the S6 looks really fast.

    I just wish multitasking would be really really fast and really responsive instead of taking couple of seconds to respond. I wish Multitasking on the Galaxy S6 was as fast and as responsive as multitasking on iPhone 6.

  2. Hey can someone please tell me how to turn off universal switch because the touch screen won't work, all it does is show a horizontal line that goes up and down

  3. The 1 thing I love about this fone is with all my fones I've had in the past 2 years being the s5 and htc one m7 is battery. . No matter what it was battery going flat.. now with the rapid charge I put fone on charger when I hop in shower and by the time I'm ready to go it's roughly 80% from 20%.. that's amazing

  4. does anyone know how to fix the keyboard feature? if I spelled something and it autocorrects it but if I want it to stay that way you wrote it I just backspace and it'll go back to what I had originally written without backspacing 10 times to delete the whole word. please help cuz it was an extremely handy feature!!